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Vettel and Ferrari Conquer Monaco Grandprix

This past weekend featured two major racing events in the Motorsport world, the Indianapolis 500 and the Monaco Formula One Grandprix. However Sebastian Vettel driving for the Ferrari team stole the headlines after he crossed the finish line to claim the Monaco title. 

The 29 year old driver led after over taking his team-mate Kimi Raikkonen after passing the Finn by running longer to their only pit stops. There was suspicion that the strategy was a deliberate move by Ferrari to get their leading driver into the lead but the team later denied that was the case.

The other Ferrari driver Raikkonen came in second while Red Bull driver, Ricciardo came third. Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton found himself in unusual territory as he finished seventh even though it was satisfactory after a difficult race from which he started 13th on the grid. Also Mercedes new driver performed excellently to finish 4th.

Race result for the top 10:

1 Vettel (Ferrari)

2 Raikkonen (Ferrari)

3 Ricciardo (Red Bull)

4 Bottas (Mercedes)

5 Verstappen (Red Bull)

6 Sainz (Toro Rosso)

7 Hamilton (Mercedes)

8 Grosjean (Haas)

9 Massa (Williams)

10 Magnussen (Haas)

So it is off to the Canadian Grandprix on June 11th for continuation of the Formula One calendar.

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