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BMW Driver Tries To Outrun Fire

One not so smart guy in Russia nearly lost his life and his sexy looking BMW M5 after he tried to douse the flames that erupted underneath his car by speeding off rather than bailing out.

Filmed from a helmet cam, footage shows the driver of the M5 challenging a bunch of bikers to a random street race, only to be left for dust. While waiting at the next intersection, a fire suddenly erupts underneath the sports coupe without warning, much to the surprise of the owner.

But rather than doing the sensible thing in this situation which is leaping out for dear life, the driver instead goes 0 - 100 km/h in seconds probably thinking the fire wouldn't catch up. But after a few meters, realizing that the fire was hanging on tight, he eventually does the right thing and pulls over, jumping out as the fire engulfs the hood and continues to spreads throughout the car.

Passers-by quickly rushed to his aid to help extinguish the flames raging under the hood thus saving the Beemer from probably going Boom!!


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