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Guy Steals Ferrari But Didn't Have Money To Fuel It

When you see a young individual in a supercar asking people for money, suspect that person because there is a fat chance the car was stolen. That's exactly what happened to a guy in San Rafeal, California who was arrested on suspicion of stealing a Ferrari 488 GTB he drove into the petrol station because he was begging for money to buy fuel for the car.

Police responded to a call of a suspicious man associated with the said Ferrari because he was asking people for gas money. When the police questioned the 36 year old man, he claimed he was the owner and that the car had been in a shop for servicing for two years, but when asked to produce the papers, he claimed the papers were in his backpack which when searched, police did not find the papers but rather they found the key of the said Ferrari and a  key to another Ferrari.

Rightly smelling bullshit, the officers contacted the local Ferrari dealership. It was quickly confirmed the $245,000 488 GTB had been stolen. Jimenez was subsequently arrested on suspicion of car theft, possession of stolen property and possession of a controlled substance


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